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Welcome to my gallery!
I hope you like it =D
I haven't updated my journal in a while. I actually forgot to upload the art from stuff I was selling at the con so I'll be posting a bunch of stuff soon. =P


I had another table at cannon con this year and was able to sell buttons and stickers this time =D Once again I have :iconjigo-san: to thank for helping me again this year.  A lot of people seemed to like the buttons which is good cause I spent forever making the damn things lol; This was my first time making them so it was pretty hard to figure out all the specifics. My mom ended up ordering a button maker online since it seemed like it'd be a good idea for this. So she orders it and gives me the box which we don't open until I had the art finished. BUT because I'm such a idiot I let it go until it was close to the con itself. So when we finally did open it THERE WERE NO INSTRUCTIONS. It was basically here's your shit.. have fun! 8D. So it took a while to figure out how to put it together but comparing to trying to figure out what paper would work and how to get the pictures to fit that was nothing. Like this thing literally said nothing. It gave up sample things and the materials but it doesn't say what kind of paper to use or anything. That was just one huge mess >A<

Anyway after we got all THAT garbage figured out I had to make all the buttons. By the time we got it working it was the night before and I spent hours making them to where my hand started going numb. I kept getting these weird jolts in my arm (like when you'd hit your funny bone but going the opposite way) and all my fingers except my thumb we just numb for days. In fact it's still numb in between my middle and ring finger. So I look it up and talk to people and I may have started to develop carpal tunnel. So that's a thing *A* But at least it's not my drawing hand!


There's been other personal crap going on but it's mostly sad and annoying and just stfu go away.


I have also recently found out my cat is both an asshole and epileptic. He started having seizures one night that kept getting longer. I didn't know what was wrong the first time so he beat the crap out of me trying to hold him. ( Still have scars 8D ) That's not why he's an asshole btw we were both just scared. So I take him to the vet and get tests and all that and eventually get expensive elixir for him (IT'S LITERALLY CALLED ELIXIR LOL) I have never heard anything called that in real life before xD But yeah for the most part the seizures stopped but have happened a few times.

Now here's why he's an asshole. I noticed a few things he would do right before going into a seizure. For example he would run crooked and a bit in a circle and sometimes he would cry really loud afterwards. He would also crash into things sometimes. So I freak out when I saw him doing something weird and rolling around and this douche is CHASING HIS DAMN TAIL! Or he woudl start crying really loud in the middle of the night so I come running and he's just like OH HEY~ PET ME! He still crashes into things but it's just him running around like an idiot. You gotta love him but my god is he annoying. It's also ridiculously hard to give him his meds...

I also had my friend :icontwilight-westwind: finally come visit! It's been so long since I've seen him which is weird since I used to see him everyday. We watched a bunch of movies and he beat Mario 64 while I managed to beat Tomba. He also surprised me with a Nintendo Switch! 0Ao I can't stop playing the damn thing now. I really love it TvT I wish he could've stayed longer but I'll hopefully get to see him again soon..

I knew this would happen but the new Zelda has taken over my life and I really should be drawing xD

But this con got me thinking that I should probably make a website portfolio thing. I have no idea how to go about that though.

Does anyone have any experience with it? I would love to be able to support myself with just my art but I could really use some help figuring it out ^^;

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